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29th September 2022
Le Méridien Gurgaon, India

 Attend India’s first marketplace   conference to decode online   marketplaces 










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The Marketplace Conference 2022
The Marketplace Conference is an annual event focused on all things related to marketplaces and brings together marketplace entrepreneurs, apparel & textile manufacturers, buying houses, apparel brands & retailers. It provides a platform to marketplace teams to interact with the industry at large for exchanging the know-how and best practices and to get a better understanding of the customers’ expectations.

The event will witness top 25 apparel marketplaces showcasing their latest technology and how they are disrupting & digitizing the supply chain. The event will be held on 29th September 2022 at Le Meridian, Gurgaon.
Participating Stakeholders:
TMC - What to expect:
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12:00 - 13:00
Decoding Marketplaces: What is it and how it works?

The influx of B2B marketplaces in the fashion industry is creating a disruptive wave in the procurement landscape. Marketplaces’ endeavor is to create value for not only apparel retailers, brands and the manufacturers but the entire textile supply chain - by improving their overall supply-chain effectiveness decision making through Tech enabled tools. The panelists will discuss decoding marketplace to understand its working and complexities as well as reasons why it is gaining prominence all over the world.

15:00 - 16:00
Future of Marketplaces

What does the future of B2B marketplaces hold? While it’s been established that the B2B marketplace users prefer remote human interactions or digital self-service due to reduced travel expenses, ease of scheduling, and safety, these marketplaces need to evolve and continuously add value for its users by incorporating more tech-interventions to explore future trends in fashion retail and manufacturing business that offer wider opportunities to the associated companies. The panel discussion aims at talking about possible integration of concepts such as fashion in metaverse, digital twin etc. in the marketplaces that are missing today but there is great potential to capture this untapped market.

14:00 - 14:30
Bringing financial and operational excellence in your transactions

Financial transactions through online marketplaces were considered to be vulnerable to fraud risks. More so, procurement of materials online is considered risky due to concerns over performance, availability, and security of the materials purchased as sellers may not disclose data related to the product quality, legality of use, and warranty resulting into operational failure sometimes. Being a part of the session will make you understand how the new-age B2B marketplaces are addressing these issues head-on, while ensuring excellence in finances and operations at all times.

13:45 - 14:45
Choosing the right marketplace

Retailers, manufacturers and suppliers in apparel and textile industry look for convenient channels to reach a large audience for their buying/ sourcing needs as well as cut down marketing and operating costs. Therefore, leveraging the right marketplace ensures reduced supply chain costs, product costs via enhanced efficiencies, and increase in revenues due to timely delivery as well as reduced process costs associated to managing the transaction and the list goes on. The key focus of the experts in this session will be to impart a clear understanding of marketplace in those vendors who want to go online and find new growth avenues.

16:15 - 17:15
Ensuring sustainable supply chain is a new norm for marketplaces

As sustainability has moved from a mere concept to become a norm in the fashion industry, B2B marketplaces are integrating tools in their platforms that help vendors and buyers in responsible sourcing, assist in end-to-end visibility, and build a sustainable eco-system for workers/ artisans through better living wages. The discussion in this session will highlight all efforts that B2B marketplaces are making to help thousands of companies source and bring products to market with more sustainable materials and practices.

15:00 - 15:30
Farm to Fashion apparel marketplaces make you cost and time efficient

Online B2B marketplace/platforms are designed to address key prolonged issues of the fashion industry as they cater to the entire supply chain of fashion – right from farm to fashion retail. Being cost and time efficient is a key requisite in fashion business and online marketplaces, with all the integrated tools, keep transparency aspect on top so as to ensure that bottlenecks in any process can be viewed in real time and corrected instantly. The speaker in this session will help industry understand how streamlining end-to-end processes on a common platform enable companies become more efficient on two critical parameters – cost and time.

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